Nottingham Cine Film to DVD

Many families in the country have a collection of old films that lie forgotten gathering dust because no-one has the time, or equipment to relive the memories.


NAV offer a professional service that can bring your treasured memories back to life. Your parents wedding? A forgotton childhood holiday? They can all be reborn and mastered in a modern DVD digital format with our Nottingham Cine to DVD transfer service. As well as Cine to DVD Transfers we offer Cine to MP4 Conversion or any other digital formats, so you can

do your own editing or file copying.


We have 47 years experience in Nottingham archiving and transfering Cine film, call us for free advice on top quality digital transfers from all cine film formats.


Unlike some other Cine Transfer Companies we operate from registered business premises, we are not simply keen amateurs working in our spare bedroom!  We process all the popular cine film formats at our offices in Nottingham, meaning your precious memories are dealt with professionally and remain in our safe hands throughout the job. Call in, drop off your films and have a chat, no anonymous PO Box Numbers or posting your work to a third party company here!


Cine Film to DVD Transfers



8mm Cine Transfer to DVD

£12.00 Ex Vat

(£14.40 Inc Vat)

Per Spooled Film - 50ft

Silent or Sound

16mm Transfered to DVD

£55.00 Ex Vat

(£66.00 Inc Vat)

Spooled Film upto 800ft

Minimum Order 3x 50ft Spools

9.5mm Transfered to DVD

£55.00 Ex Vat

(£66.00 Inc Vat)

Spooled Film upto 400ft

Generally there are 4 common types of cine film, 99% of the general public will have one or more of these types, they are;


Standard 8, Super 8, 9.5 mm and 16mm Cine Fims.


If your still not sure what type of cine film you want transfering? No problem! just pop in to our shop and see us, we'll identify it and give you a quote to transfer it to a shiny new DVD!

Film Types

FREE CINE TO DVD TRANSFERS We buy or p/ex cine projectors. Bring your old projector to us, if its suitable you could get your Cine to DVD Transfer FREE



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